Welcome to Yakfishin.com where I hope to inspire those that enjoy the combination of fishing and kayaking. For those that not enjoyed a day on the water kayak fishing, I am hoping to coax you into taking up the challenge. There is something special about catching fish inches from the surface of the water. If you love to fish and you love being on the water this is the way to go.

I have been fishing for over four decades and been doing it out of a kayak since people would laugh at me saying “you’re going to fish out of that thing”?

This site is my attempt to share my years of trial and error and maybe pass on fewer headaches for those that are just starting out or have moved to a new place and are starting over. If you like to tinker in the garage and catch a few fish in between I think you might find some of my stuff interesting.

Why Kayak Fishing

Needless to say, I fell in love with kayak fishing early… before anyone was making accessories. Scotty was building outriggers, Thule was all about bikes and Hobie was selling sailboats. All my kayak rigging was done with milk crates, PVC, and buckets. It took years of trial and error to get where I am now. I have built, bought, and borrowed just about every item and kayak accessory there is and I am always looking for the next greatest thing to try while fishing or just paddling. However, if you look at my gear today… you will still find PVC, a milk crate, and a bucket.

Fly Fishing is my other Passion

There is nothing better than paddling during sunrise on gin-clear flat water. You become part of the ecosystem and the connection with nature is like none other. To me, this is why I love paddle fishing so much. It reminds me of my other passion that manifests the sense of being. Kayak Fishing and Fly Fishing are the two most enjoyable and cerebral ways to catch fish and enjoy the outdoors.

Fly fishing allowed me to make a connection with the river I grew up at a time I was too young to understand what was going on. I could not help myself. All I could think about was tying my next micky fin or red & white and running down to my favorite spot every day after school. To this day that passion runs deep and the reason I built this site.

There is such an organic connection when you throw a fly undetected by the nervous creatures below only to trick them into thinking it is a meal. That stealth that you spend a lifetime trying to perfect is the same whether you are on your hands and knees with a 4wt crawling up on a 6f wide brook, or you are creeping along the Florida shoreline with an 8wt trying to see that fat snook before she sees you or drift a mangrove hoping you can get in casting distance of those tailing redfish. It is the whole slow, quiet, and calm that keeps me screaming back to the azure waters either on foot or with a paddle. Nothing is more exciting than the thump of a deceived fish.

Please Support My Site

Anyway, I hope you get something out of my site, and if so please click on my affiliate links even if you have no desire to buy anything. The traffic alone helps my affiliate score and if you do decide to buy I get a very small percentage that helps pay for this site. Better yet, buy one of my handmade products. They are crafted by me or one of my fishing buddies and I will not sell anything I wouldn’t use myself or that I was not asked to build.

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