Inshore: Best Lure for Beginners

There is one bait that is pretty much guaranteed to catch something when you are on the flats or around mangroves making it the best lure for beginners. It is so basic most people don’t believe it and at first I had my doubts. But 20 years later I can tell you without a doubt that this is the first thing I tie on when I take someone fishing for the first time.

As proof here is my son’s first trout that he caught by himself (over 10yrs ago). From the cast to landing it, he was able to catch this gator with this fail safe lure combo. He has gone on to land hundreds of fish with this same combo proving that its not only the best lure for beginners but a great choice for anyone that wants to bend a rod.

The D.O.A.® Deadly Combination is a pre-rigged float with a D.O.A. shrimp. The floats come in oval, cigar and my favorite popper.

It comes ready to fish; just tie to your main line and cast. The D.O.A. shrimp lure has been known to out fish the real thing and is highly appealing to almost every saltwater inshore species, from snook and redfish to flounder, trout, tarpon, and jacks. Using the deadly combo is the perfect lure for beginners.


How to Fish the Deadly Combo

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Cast over grass flats or into some moving water around mangroves or other structure. Using your rod “ring the dinner bell” with a controlled jerk so the float makes a “pop-rattle” sound. Then reel a crank or two removing any slack and to pull the shrimp toward the surface. Keep an eye on your float because they love to hammer it while the shrimp is falling back down under the float. If fishing water deeper than the leader between the shrimp and cork you may want to pop the cork often in order to prevent the shrimp from hanging unnaturally below the cork. If no the shrimp will lay on the bottom like a real shrimp and can be fished slower. It is crazy how this noise will call in the fish. I ALWAYS have a deadly combo with me just in case all my other methods don’t work I know the “best lure for beginners” will.

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